Monday, 13 August 2012

Mobile OS- Competitive technologies at your reach!

Mobile phones have become the necessity of our life gaining the handy yet all-inclusive interface! According to a recent analysis, more than 3.5 billion people use mobile phones and amongst them about 65% people use high-tech phones which are designed with scientific notions to approve higher yet portable benefits anytime & anywhere. 

Several of the mobile phone compatible OS software programs are also gaining up their recognition which provides superior advantages to the people. OS controls the specifications of Smartphone, PDA, Tablet, & mobile phone devices. These technologies are responsible enough to determine the features available in your devices such as keyboards, thumb wheel, WAP, text messaging, e-mail, and many more. Mobile phone companies are also getting into a horde to engage newer technologies with their products so as to benefit people with handy applications as well gaining prime position in the market. Some of the latest OS software programs are; Mobile Linux, Symbian OS, Android OS in Android Mobiles, MXI, MEAMO, BADA, etc.

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Among such contemporaries, Android OS gained much recognition for supporting superior specifications within an application wherein you can advantage the OS with Apps market, key applications as well a middle ware. With such perfection, new Android phones in India have typically gained the market stressing the other Operating System recognitions to call up for their latest up-gradations. According to recent surveys, Android OS programs have gained almost 65% of the market among the contemporaries. Such applications deserve the OS for its unique & celebrated versions such as from Android Beta to recent ones Android 2.3 code for GingerBread (in Smartphones), Android 3.0 code for HoneyComb (in tablets), and the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich & Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Conclusion: Mobile phone companies are strategizing newer OS technologies in order to reach their customers with unique technologies at best price deals & handy advantages as well to gain the market.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Android Smartphones- reach costly benefits at lesser costs

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Android phones have typically positioned themselves into the market just by providing advanced facilities of this operating system along handy applications. Stating a step forward for Android, it is a Linux based OS inserted into the phones converting to Smartphones. This application was developed by the Open Handset Alliance and escorted by Google. With such guidance strategies, Android phones have become the best selling mobile operating system across the globe.

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Android- the platform popularity

Being a wide-ranging OS, it has provided free access to develop software applications & run on the Android stations. With such perfection, it has typically powered several of mobile devices in about 190 countries across the globe. According to a recent survey, it has been found that this popular interface is used up in more than 1 million devices being activated per day. Everyday a large number of people are engaging such devices with their lives, and enjoying it more with powered apps market, digital contents and the priority games well in reach. With such perfection, some of the best sellers in mobile market are also reaching us along Android phones at lesser price ranges- making it the priority & liking among the consumers.

Why to choose low cost android phones?

Android phones have become a necessity for any of the ages. It is just because of the Android Operating system, the podium which is applicable in creating the different apps or games, and in raising it to the worldly market for distribution. Its updates are also easy in format to upgrade in the devices, wherein the customer gets free access to engage with any of the version primarily and get upgraded with time or requirement. Android OS gained its availability in the market since 2008, wherein the regularity of supportive features & updates were ascertained by Google, making it the innovative & breathtaking opportunity to grab for the customers. When all is there to engage, people love to feel for just by becoming its owner.

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Low cost android benefits

Often people feel unenthusiastic to choose such low cost Android mobile phones available in the market. Their mind works more to ascertain points measuring how a provider can manage such costly an interface at such lesser costs. Well, to recover it can be said that just by measuring the popularity upon people, some of the providers have typically made it possible for their customers to gain android phones at lesser price ranges. Mobile phones which carry the Android OS, manages to carry up all the features which are benefited only with such operating system. Well, it also survives the phone along several of the added functionalities in Java, web based services, apps store, android market, games, video streaming, higher networking capacity, Gmail account, Google talk, free downloads, Google calendar and several of such worthy applications. These low cost android mobile phones also come along several of the preinstalled apps for the customer to cherish world-class applications. So, it is just to purchase and get started in experiencing breathtaking features at unbelievable price ranges.

Monday, 30 July 2012

New Style, New Platform, New Features .....Smart Mobiles

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Laptop manufacturer is now comes with their latest mobile phones which is now slowly catching up the mobile markets. In this post I am showing such kind of latest mobile phones that has good style and features to grow.  Like Lenovo, Acer  are not the first company that comes to our  mind when thinking about the good, reasonable  smartphones and other mobile devices, but the manufacturer is making its smartphone and tablet development with a huge investment. Have a smart look on it……….

Lenovo Smart Moviles:----------------------------

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 Acer Mobiles :--------------------

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HTC/HCL Smart Mobiles :-------------

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Now this is for my viewers, if anybody using these phones, please give me a feedback after go through
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